Our story so far

100% halal-certified cat food, full of natural goodness, and the perfect formula for a lifetime of happiness.

In the beginning

In November 2023, Aihtsham, Ivy and Coco’s owner, struggled to find cat food in the UK that was full of natural ingredients and adhered to Islamic standards of purity and the ethical treatment of animals.

Concerned about feeding non-halal food to his pets in his own home, Aihtsham knew Ivy and Coco deserved only the best. He decided to search for cat food that guaranteed no cross-contamination and upheld Islamic principles. His journey took him to East Asia, a region with a predominantly Islamic population and stringent halal standards, where he found the perfect solution and created Hurayra.

Ethically tested on the fussiest cats, Hurayra is not only 100% halal-certified but also (more importantly) approved by Ivy and Coco!


Meet Ivy and Coco

Ivy and Coco hold a special place in Aihtsham’s heart. Ivy, a rescued kitten from a shed, was given to him by a caring friend, whilst Coco was gifted by a thoughtful relative.

Having never owned any pets before, Ivy and Coco brought comfort during difficult times, forging an unbreakable bond. This newfound companionship fuelled Hurayra’s halal cat food journey.

Hurayra halal cat food

We believe that our furry friends deserve to eat a complete, balanced diet that is delicious and full of goodness. Hurayra Halal Cat Food is dedicated to producing tasty food that is high-quality, healthy, and nutritious.

Each flavour of cat food is full of natural ingredients from natural sources, free from artificial colours, additives and preservatives, and full of all the essential nutrients your cat needs to live a long and healthy life.

Hurayra Halal Cat Food

HMC accreditation

Hurayra is the first halal cat food in the UK to receive a Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) certification, meaning you can rest assured that all the ingredients used in our cat food is 100% halal.

Hurayra on TV!

In April 2024, Hurayra was featured on the Big Ramadan Show on the Islam Channel, where Aihtsham shared his halal pet food journey with presenters Basit and Khaleel!

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