Caring for your adult cat

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Bringing you tips and advice on looking after your cat

Whether you’re a new cat parent or are looking to brush up on your cat care knowledge, our guide includes top tips on grooming, food, health care and playtime to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Grooming your cat

Keeping your cat’s coat and skin clean and healthy will depend on their breed and hair length. Short-haired breeds require little to no help with grooming, whilst long-haired cat breeds will need more assistance to stay in good condition.

Cats are well known to be one of the cleanest animals but for kittens and senior cats, it’s important to keep the area under your cat’s tail clean and ensure that the coat is well-trimmed to reduce mess when they visit the litter box. How often you bathe your cat will depend on its age, breed, and hair length.

Your cat’s coat should be shiny, smooth, and silky to the touch, which you can maintain through a complete and balanced diet.

If you find it difficult to groom your cat, it’s worth seeking professional help. There are plenty of qualified pet groomers available in the UK, that are trained to

Feeding your cat

Every cat needs a diet that is rich in protein, contains healthy fats, and is full of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that they stay healthy and full of energy. Your furry friend’s diet doesn’t just affect how they feel on the inside; it also contributes to their overall fitness and appearance.

Hurayra Halal Cat Food is full of natural ingredients to ensure your cat is fuelled with the essential nutrients they need to live a happy and healthy life. Our Ocean Fish halal cat food is high in protein and omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and a glossy coat.

A rich, complete, and delicious daily diet will ensure that your furry friend lives a long life of happiness and vitality.

Looking after your cat’s health

By keeping your cat safe, secure, and stimulated, they will stay healthy and build a trusting bond with you. As a responsible cat owner, you should ensure your cat’s health is in tip-top condition through regular health checks with your veterinarian.

A trusted vet is a fantastic resource for information about your cat’s health and wellbeing, offering guidance on vaccinations, parasite control, and meeting additional health care needs. If you have any concerns regarding your cat’s health or behaviour contact your vet immediately.

Playing with your cat

Regular play is a purr-fect source of positive mental and physical stimulation for your furry friend, helping them to burn energy by blowing off some steam.

Interactive play can encourage your cat to engage in natural hunting behaviours, such as using a ‘fishing rod’ or ‘wand’ toy to mimic the movement of prey at a distance. This form of play teaches your cat to direct hunting behaviour towards ‘safe’ objects rather than your hands or feet!

Some cats may prefer self-play and will choose to interact with toys alone, such as small bird or mouse-sized soft toys, which they may paw or ‘hunt.’ Before your cat gets bored of toys, try hiding them in different spots around your home to keep your cat stimulated and engaged.

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