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At Hurayra, we know that the first year of your cat’s life is incredibly fragile but with the proper support and nutrition, your tiny furry friend will soon grow into a healthy adult cat. Here, you will find guidance on your kitten’s development, food and everyday care to give your new family member the best start in life.

Your kitten’s development

After you bring your kitten home, your little friend will quickly enter different stages of physical and cognitive development throughout their first year. Once you can recognise how your kitten will develop, you can tailor their care to ensure that they grow to be a happy and healthy cat.

In your kitten’s first four weeks, their sight and spatial perception will become fully developed, allowing them to navigate their world and interact with confidence.

Within six months, your kitten’s immune system and defence will develop to protect them from germs and disease. During this time, your kitten will grow and mature very quickly, and their weight will increase rapidly as they exit kittenhood.

In this first year, your kitten’s bones will grow to be healthy and strong, which is supported through good nutrition and food that is specially formulated to promote growth.

Feeding your kitten

Kittens have unique dietary needs, so it is important to ensure that they are met to support each phase of their development.

Hurayra Dry Cat Food for Kittens is specially crafted to provide optimal nutrition during your furry friend’s key growth stages. Packed with higher levels of protein, essential vitamins and minerals, our premium formula is tailor-made to support their rapid development and overall well-being.

Our 100% halal-certified kitten food includes all the essential nutrients needed for healthy bone and muscle development, a shiny coat, and vibrant energy, setting your kitten up for a lifetime of happiness.

Looking after your cat

Your kitten is now dependent on you for all their needs, including their health and wellbeing, socialisation, and play. Young kittens have fragile immune systems, so planning their first vet first is crucial for a healthy future. A good vet is an excellent resource for information on kitten care and will offer guidance on general health checks, vaccinations, parasite control and dental care.

At home, training your kitten to adopt good behaviour from a young age, including the rules on sharing their home with other pets and people, should start as early as possible. Socialising your kitten will help them develop into confident and well-mannered adult cats, which you begin doing once your kitten is fully vaccinated.

Keep your kitten happy by playing with them every day by using fishing rod toys, allowing your cat to catch and grab toys, and placing treats inside some toys to offer a reward at the end of a game. Short and regular play sessions will keep your kitten physically and mentally stimulated, contributing to their overall wellbeing and development.

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