Why should I feed my cat halal food?

The Hurayra team

At Hurayra, we believe that your cats deserve to eat a complete and balanced diet that reflects the ethics of your Islamic faith. Here, we explore why feeding your cat halal food is a statement of faith and nourishment for the soul.

Do I need to feed my cats halal pet food?

Halal, in Islamic dietary law, refers to what is permissible or lawful to consume. Whilst this concept is traditionally applied to human food, the inclusion of pet food reflects an extension of our faith in all aspects of life, including caring for our pets in our home.

For some pet owners, choosing halal pet food is not merely about adhering to Islamic guidelines but also ensuring the ethical treatment of animals throughout the entire food production process. This includes how ingredients are sourced, the methods of slaughter, and overall animal welfare standards.

Our story

At Hurayra, our journey began with one question: why shouldn’t our pets have access to food that meets the same ethical standards we seek for ourselves? After struggling to find halal pet food for his cats Ivy and Coco, our founder, Aihtsham Rashid, decided to solve this problem himself, and Hurayra was born.

The name ‘Hurayra’ pays homage to Abu Hurayrah (RA), a cherished companion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), celebrated in Islamic history for his deep bond with a cat. Known as “The father of cats,” Abu Hurayrah (RA) earned this title due to his close relationship with a feline companion. Derived from ‘Hirrah,’ the Arabic word for cat, Hurayra not only honours this special connection but also shapes our mission and values as a company committed to the welfare of cats worldwide.

Hurayra Halal Cat Food

Our halal cat food is the only dry cat food in the UK that is 100% halal certified, high in protein, without artificial colours, additives or preservatives, and GMO-free. We believe that cats are cherished family members who deserve the best care and nutrition, so we’ve created cat food that is high-quality, healthy, and delicious.

Each of our delicious flavours – Tuna, Ocean Fish, Chicken for adult cats and Kitten food – has been certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC), which means our products are ‘genuinely halal’ and meet Islamic guidelines.

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